ePHOTOzine Picture of the Week

18th November 2008

ePHOTOzine is the UK's largest online Photographic magazine. The Editor, Pete Bargh selects one image from the thousands uploaded by members each week to receive the coveted Picture of the Week award.

This is what Pete had to say about my winning image, 'The Sensual World'

'Titled Sensual World, this photo is taken deep inside the Lower Antelope Slot Canyon Arizona, a less visited spot than it’s neighbour, the Upper Canyon.
The photographer, Mike Bonsall, finds the shapes and textures quite erotic and sensual. I saw something different. It reminds me very much of a close-up of rose petals; the subtle tones, fine textures and beautiful curves create an abstract pattern that's exquisite.
The colour and light in this location is incredible, so it's hard not to get a decent photo, but exposure can be tricky and getting a shot that stands out is quite difficult. Well done to Mike for obtaining not only a fabulous composition but one that is exposed and focused perfectly.'