Cobo Captured

16th August 2007
I've been asked countless times if I have any images from Cobo. The truth is I've been reluctant to photograph this particular beach up until now. Being the most popular beach on Guernsey it has naturally been photographed many thousands of times (surely everyone must have taken a sunset picture whilst having a drink at the Rockmount!).

I knew that it would take some extra special light to be able to capture Cobo in a fresh way.

Well I think I may have just about have managed it with a series of images taken on an un-seasonally stormy evening in August.

The tide was reaching it's highest point, just as the sun managed to break free from heavy cloud cover. This kind of fleeting, transient light often produces the most dramatic conditions for photography. This night was no exception!

The Cobo images can currently be viewed in the New Work Gallery